We need your support to raise $200,000 to support the 1 in 26 people who will have epilepsy at some point in their life. You can help change the lives of people living with epilepsy through your generous support.

Our services include information, advice and support, epilepsy counselling, case management and practical assistance, as well as education and training, social and psychological research and advocacy for and with people with epilepsy.

We work to raise awareness of this disorder in organisations and the broader community to reduce stigma and create a more welcoming and inclusive society.

Our services can be accessed over the phone, in person, via e-mail or in a range of community settings, such as in a person’s home, school or workplace.

Epilepsy Foundation

We work with individuals and families, organisations and the community to increase people’s understanding of epilepsy.

The Epilepsy Foundation uses evidence based practice to stop avoidable deaths, ensure children get a good education, help people get and keep their jobs and help people feel safe and connected.

A good understanding of epilepsy is the key to achieving these outcomes.

The Epilepsy Foundation believes no one should go it alone with epilepsy.

Every day we try to make life better for people living with epilepsy and this is made possible because of the support of people like you. The Epilepsy Foundation encourages the community to get involved with fundraising so people living with epilepsy don’t have to go it alone.

19 heroes fundraising today.

Epilepsy Foundation
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